INTERSAN is a leading plumbing fixture manufacturer with a long pedigree that started in 1938 through the production of the world’s first multi-user wash fountain.  

Today, we are is a premier producer and provider of commercial and institutional washroom solutions worldwide for healthcare, behavioral health, education, commercial office, hospitality, sport venues, transport hubs and industrial environments which are built to withstand the rigor of repeated use and abuse.   

Intersan produces its fixtures from the finest solid surface and stainless steel for the greatest level of durability.  All of our solid surface fixtures are made from anti-bacterial Solidguard and are extremely well suited for all public restroom and healthcare applications for the inhibition of bacteria and virus.


The industry’s Longest-Lasting System Carries the Industry’s Longest-Lasting Warranty

  • Solidsan and stainless steel materials warranted for 5 years.
  • All other Intersan components warranted for 3 years (excluding batteries and common wear such as diaphragms, washers, certain valves, etc.)


Fast Installation Cuts Labor Costs

  • All systems are pre-plumbed and pre-assembled, 100 % air and water tested.
  • Single trade installation for battery operated infrared systems. No electrical connections required.
  • Products can be installed in 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours.

Fast delivery! Most systems shipped in 3-5 Days or Less.


Intersan’s Multi-user Systems Save Space and Solve Design Problems

  • Intersan products are available in a variety of configurations. We have creative solutions for all of your design applications.
  • Our systems save space compared to traditional lavatories and other lavatory systems.


Maintenance Costs Rising? Retrofit Your Entire Facility With Intersan

  • Retrofit with Intersan and eliminate costly repairs on your current fixtures.
  • Intersan is easy to retrofit. All systems are pre-plumbed and pre-assembled.
  • Single trade installation
  • Intersan systems use your existing plumbing. Because there are no electrical outlets or special plumbing modifications required, there are fewer connections to make.
  • Intersan is reliable: valves and their components are made of durable brass and stainless steel, not plastic.
  • Our technologically advanced fixtures are engineered with fewer components and require little maintenance.